This checklist is designed to assist RFOs (decision-makers, managers, officers…) in the integration of the gender analysis into the research policy of the organisation and in the research funding programmes. It will guide users through the main steps in identifying the main elements to take into account when designing appropriate gender-sensitive policies/strategies.

Does your organisation have a policy or strategy that facilitates the integration of the gender analysis into research (IGAR)?

Does your organisation clearly show a firm senior management commitment to the policy or strategy?

Do all your research funding programmes, where relevant, include measures aimed at IGAR?

Are you flagging section/topics where sex and gender analysis is specifically relevant in the calls?

Do you require applicants to indicate whether sex and/or gender is relevant to their proposed research?

When applicants respond NO to the above question, do you require them to justify why not?

Do your peer review/evaluation panels include at least one gender expert?

Does your evaluation system include specific scoring for the appropriate integration of sex and/or gender in the research?

Do you provide training on IGAR to…

1) staff;
2) applicants;
3) reviewers/evaluators?

Do you provide dissemination materials to facilitate IGAR to…

1) grant administration staff;
2) applicants;
3) peer reviewers/evaluators?

Do you provide awareness raising activities on IGAR?

Do you have a specific funding programme aimed at advancing new knowledge in sex and gender in research?

Do you have a systematic monitoring and evaluation approach that includes measurable and appropriate indicators to assess the success of your policy or strategy?

Do you have a dedicated budget and relevant resources to implement your gender policy?

Do you provide any supplementary funding/eligible costs for training/exploring on IGAR to the research team?