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Igar ToolRecommendations for Integrating
Gender Analysis into Research


The following examples are not intended to be exhaustive or cover all research on gender and science in each of these disciplines, but rather seek to provide elements of reflection and concrete examples of the relevance of gender in research. There are examples where gender bias in a particular area is analysed, as well as the consequences in terms of malpractice and gaps in knowledge, or examples of how to integrate a gender perspective, their contribution in scientific impact or technological development. A brief introduction to each societal challenge or other interest area in H2020 is presented before each example, summarizing or citing part of the corresponding research area indications given by the H2020 Advisory Group on Gender (H2020-AG-GENDER) in its 2015 position paper For a better integration of the gender dimension in Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-2017”.