This document from GENDER-NET (Deliverable D3.9) presents the data/information collected by a survey launched in 2014, into a compendium of national and regional strategies, policies, programmes, plans and strategies that foster the effective integration of sex and gender considerations into research contents. The main areas of this survey were:

  1. Policies and strategies aimed at integrating sex/gender analysis in research,
  2. Research-funding programmes aimed at integrating sex/gender analysis in research,
  3. Guidelines and training materials for applicants,
  4. Guidelines/Training for grant proposal reviewers,
  5. Recommendations and/or models for university curricula development in scientific and technological fields,
  6. Transnational and other activities.

The document captures, particularly, successful national and regional examples that can be tailored within transnational contexts, while highlighting gaps areas that will need close attention for effective implementation. The Compendium contains information from 40 national organisations, coming from 22 different countries.