In this September 2015 report, the League of European Research Universities (LERU) analyses the role of gender and sex analysis in research and innovation (R&I), arguing that it needs to be better integrated into R&I funding, content and implementation process. The paper offers twenty recommendations for stakeholders to act upon, emphasising the importance of support, promotion and resources for Gendered Research and Innovation.

It provides examples, taken from research developed by LERU member universities (and a few from the Gendered Innovations project), in the areas of:

Health and Medicine: Research on heart failure and cardiovascular disease in women and national support initiatives, Effects of pregnant women’s smoking on baby boys and girls, Eating disorders in young men are underdiagnosed and undertreated.

Animal Studies: Gender-specific aggressive behaviour in fruit flies, Developmental and evolutionary origins of sex differences in avian vocal behaviour.

Engineering: Female and pregnant crash test dummies lead to better vehicle safety standards (from the Gendered Innovations Project).

Social Sciences: Gendered effects in the labour market, Underestimation of sexual exploitation of boys and young men.

Climate Change: Climate change: analysing gender as well as other factors intersecting with gender (from the Gendered Innovations Project).

ICT: Fixing he-she pronoun errors in machine translation (from the Gendered Innovations Project).