Why Grant Applicants ?

This target group is comprised of researchers applying for funding to develop their projects or programmes. The quality of science, research and innovation depends on the research community’s ability to be responsive to the needs of society as a whole. Not including the gender analysis into the methodology, content and impact assessment of research can lead to poor science and missed opportunities. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure they comply with the requirements of the specific call or grant; consequently it is important that there is relevant specification on IGAR at the call level.

It must be noted that to appropriately follow the below considerations it is necessary that the research team is skilled in IGAR competencies. Otherwise, external gender expertise can be used in different stages of the research, for example, when writing the research proposal, gender experts can be called in to establish how gender is relevant and how it can be integrated into the research methodology or to organise gender training for the research team (either at the proposal stage or at the beginning of the project). Anyway, when gender is relevant in the research topic, basic gender knowledge is required for all team members so as to ensure that this analysis is not overlooked in any part of the research.

Key Guidelines