Why Peer Reviewers / Evaluators?

Experts in the evaluation process assist in the evaluation of proposals and also in the monitoring of actions. Peer reviewers/evaluators play a critical role in ensuring excellence in the research funded. When evaluating project proposals on open calls, peer reviewers and evaluators need to know how to approach the specific subject of the integration of the sex/gender analysis into the evaluated proposals. Therefore they need to have the knowledge and expertise to properly address and evaluate these considerations. The funding agency, in turn, is responsible for making sure that experts with double competence (i.e. both in sex/gender analysis and in the research field in question) are included in the evaluation panels, and that the other evaluators are at least aware of the specific requirements on integrating sex and/or gender analysis in the project design/content. It is the role of the peer reviewer/evaluator to determine if this integration has been approached sufficiently and appropriately in all the research cycle process.

The present section will help you to assess if sex and/or gender are appropriately incorporated across the crucial steps of the project proposal in a way that can bring meaningful outcomes for men and/or women.

 Key Guidelines

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